img_3658Jeremy Pestor is a Youth Mentor and Evangelist who is originally from Wisconsin and now resides in Orange County, California. He feels compelled to use his life to “stand in the gap” and to build a bridge of communication between the past and future generations to inspire hope for today’s youth.

He grew up in a strong Christian home with parents who have been married 40+ years. Jeremy has received wise instruction over the years from his father, Pastor Theodore Pestor who hosts a Christian themed informational website about the different dispensations of the Bible and how they apply to us today and to our future.

Furthermore, Jeremy draws great strength from his mother and three older sisters, who are firmly grounded in their faith. Jeremy grew up with an outgoing and attractive personality as a result of having a strong and supportive family environment, as well as a genuine care and tender heart for others. Additionally, he excelled in sports as a 1st team All-State and All-Conference selection in both basketball and soccer.

In his college years, while away from home, Jeremy continued to grow in Christ and came to a deeper understanding of his faith after reading Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life.” This is where he truly began to take the instruction and guidance he received in his younger years and made it his own. He now desires to take that wisdom, encouragement, faith, and truth he received and pass it along to the next generation and tomorrow’s leaders.

Even though Jeremy passionately strives for godly living by incorporating God’s Word into his everyday life, he fully understands the struggles that come along with that pursuit as a battle-tested, brother-in-arms. He has seen his fair share of hardships from missteps in his walk as well as many times of victory from his obedience to God. He is fully aware of the various struggles this earthly life has to offer.

As a result of those struggles, Jeremy is now able to offer a genuine helping hand, support, and encouragement from a humble and gentle perspective, because he has “been there” before. He now looks to share the wisdom he has gained to encourage men to stay on the straight and narrow path that Jesus Christ has called them to walk.

Jeremy had the opportunity in 2013 to go on a reality tv dating show as one of the show’s bachelors. He used his experience and platform to encourage and minister to the other men on set and lead several people to the Lord before choosing to walk away from the show’s dating scene based on his personal convictions (Feel free to check out the “Articles & Videos” tab to see more).

Jeremy is in the process of writing men’s devotionals and online encouragement under the future book title of “Daily ManPoints,” while also preparing to author another project called, “Dear, Younger Version of Me,” a book for today’s youth to gain insight, perspective, encouragement, and hope from someone who’s been there already and remembers how the “struggle is real!”

He encourages young men to follow in his footsteps and pursue the Biblical practice of celibacy before marriage. Additionally, he is available for speaking engagements where he can share his experiences and faith with other men that may be struggling to find their true place in this world.

If you are interested in having Jeremy speak at your event, please contact him for more information at Info@JeremyPestor.com

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