Keys to Sharing YOUR Faith: Part 1 of 2

My friend, the easiest way I’ve found to witness and share my faith with others is by telling them my story or testimony of why and how I came to accept Jesus Christ as my OWN, PERSONAL, Lord and Savior. Your own testimony is one of the most powerful things and truths you possess … Continue reading

Actions Reflect Our Title (+video)

It’s another day of checking things off our “Christianese checklist.” Read devotions, check. Pray for strength, check. Go to church, check. Say cliché Christian phrases to sound “spiritual,” check. Have you been here, going through the motions? God doesn’t want our checklist! The Bible says, “People with integrity walk safely, but … Continue reading

Attention, Men: A Call to Action

Attention, men…  Here’s a call to action! I believe that there is tremendous power and healing that can come into a man’s life when he gets together with other men. Let’s just call it “male bonding” or “bro-time.” I’m not talking about sitting around the campfire singing “kum bah yah” and I’m most … Continue reading

Work Hard!: ~A Prelude to the NBA Draft & “Tanking”

In light of tonight’s NBA Draft I thought this topic to be very fitting. It’s no secret that I’m a huge NBA fan. I love the Lakers but will always be pleased when the Milwaukee Bucks get a win, being a Wisconsin-boy at heart. So have you heard about this … Continue reading

Another Season of Life in the Darkness

Are you in a dark season of life right now? Man-oh-man! I know the feeling for sure! At some point in time we’ve all been there where we don’t know where to turn as it seems that all our effort, energy, hope, and faith have fallen by the wayside and it’s … Continue reading

Living a Bold Life (+video)

  Men, have you ever seen the reality television shows where the small child gets on stage and can barely speak in front of the judges and large audience but when the music starts they come alive and woo the entire room with their incredible performance? You see the women … Continue reading

The Man in the Mirror: A Real Man in a World of Posers (+video)

  Go ahead and turn on your TV or walk out your front door and it’s easy to see what society puts importance on. Look around at what they say makes you look like a “real man.” The list includes but is not limited to: making money, wearing top-dollar suits, … Continue reading