Actions Reflect Our Title (+video)

It’s another day of checking things off our “Christianese checklist.” Read devotions, check. Pray for strength, check. Go to church, check. Say cliché Christian phrases to sound “spiritual,” check. Have you been here, going through the motions? God doesn’t want our checklist! The Bible says, “People with integrity walk safely, but … Continue reading

Attention, Men: A Call to Action

Attention, men…  Here’s a call to action! I believe that there is tremendous power and healing that can come into a man’s life when he gets together with other men. Let’s just call it “male bonding” or “bro-time.” I’m not talking about sitting around the campfire singing “kum bah yah” and I’m most … Continue reading

Work Hard!: ~A Prelude to the NBA Draft & “Tanking”

In light of tonight’s NBA Draft I thought this topic to be very fitting. It’s no secret that I’m a huge NBA fan. I love the Lakers but will always be pleased when the Milwaukee Bucks get a win, being a Wisconsin-boy at heart. So have you heard about this … Continue reading