A Deer Caught in the Headlights

Speaking of Santa’s reindeer… We’ve all had those days as hormonal men where it just feels like we’re in a battle being pulled in two different directions, right? You know the days, men! The days where it feels like we CAN’T win and our lust is at a boiling over point and … Continue reading

Enough is Enough!

Men! Are you sick yet of hearing about all of these guys who actively participate in gross sexual sin?! There are SO many stories in the media about sex trafficking, underage girls being victimized, prostitution, and a countless number of rape cases. Are you sick of hearing about the child pornographers and the child molesters being … Continue reading

Idle Hands – The Devil’s Playground: 8 Steps to Victory

I want to talk primarily to the men out there. Ladies, feel free to keep reading too though because there’s always something to learn by being a “fly on the wall” when men get honest about their struggles and weaknesses. Who said men don’t have feelings? Haha! Men, we’ve all been there … Continue reading